Annnndd She Is Almost Off

  Facebook is toxic and I'm getting ready to jump ship. I'll probably just post pictures there and use blogger and Wordpress to write and journal on. Do you know what I read? I read that Facebook knows they get more traffic if the posts getting put up are inflammatory, if people want to rant and rave it's good for them. Time to consider how to switch out. I like blogger, it's easy to use. I like wordpress but I pay for their business plan so I can store more media and use the old format which is good because the new one blows. If I steer anyone to a site to write on I think I'd stick with blogger. Anita

Just A Note

I thought I'd branch out a bit and use Blogger as well as WordPress. I have learned an important lesson from the world of Facebook. It's not a good idea to rely on one media platform to communicate from. So stop on by again and see where this all goes! amm